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This activity is for all ages!


This activity is virtual and requires you to provide your own supplies (egg carton and seeds and/or pinecones, peanut butter, shortening and birdseed). Families who sign up for this event will receive a separate email with detailed instructions and further information about our nonprofit partner and how we can help! 

Let's support our nonprofit partners who serve the environment from home! Urban Harvest works to cultivate thriving communities through gardening and access to healthy, local food. Generation SERVE has volunteered with Urban Harvest by helping in their many community and school gardens. Here are some fun projects we can do from home to help our environment! 

1. Let’s Start a Garden at Home with an Egg Carton!

All you will need are egg cartons and seeds! Here is a link on how to start seeds from an egg carton.

You can buy seed packets or even use seeds you already have in your pantry or refrigerator. See this link for ideas on how to get seeds from your refrigerator!

Here's more information on seeds that sprout quickly.

2. Make an Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder!

All you will need are:

Pinecones - whatever you can find


1 cup peanut butter

2 T shortening or butter

2-3 cups birdseed

See instructions here.

You can learn more about starting gardening in your own backyards by taking one of Urban Harvest’s many webinars on culinary summer vegetables:summer gardening, composting, ecological pest management, and herbs for small spaces. Share what you do with us! Be sure to also report your 'volunteer' hours in building resilience for our environment and for Urban Harvest!

Questions? Contact us at

We appreciate your support! Please help us inspire a generation of community-inspired leaders in Houston by supporting our family volunteering activities.

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