Repackaging Dog and Cat Food for Animeals at Home


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1 hours
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Houston, TX
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This activity is for all ages!


This activity is virtual and requires you to provide your own supplies - bag(s) of dog and/or cat food, clear (for cat food) and/or blue (for dog food) plastic bags, scoop, etc. Families who sign up for this event will receive a separate email with detailed instructions and further information about our nonprofit partner and how we can help! 


Let’s help our nonprofit partner Animeals on Wheels repackage dog and cat food at home so it can be delivered to help feed the pets of their Meals on Wheels homebound seniors. Animeals ensures that the pets of homebound seniors are fed and cared for by delivering pet food to them.

Supplies Needed for this Activity:

Any brand Dry Dog or Cat Food

Large tub/bin

Scissors or box cutter (to open bags)

Broom and dustpan (to clean any messes)


Blue and/or Clear Plastic Bags

Detailed instructions for repackaging will be sent to you after sign up!

Questions? Contact us at

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