Teacher Green Kits for Young Audiences at Home!


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This activity is for all ages!

This activity is virtual and requires you to provide your own suppliesFamilies who sign up for this event will receive a separate email with detailed instructions and further information about our nonprofit partner and how we can help! Feel free to do this activity whenever convenient for your family.

We are excited to help our new nonprofit partner Young Audiences of Houston, which seeks to educate and inspire children through the arts, to make the arts an integral part of the school curriculum, and to advance the field of arts in education through teacher professional development training and community partnerships. Generation SERVE families will make Teacher Green kits to help Young Audiences with its Living Mural Project where students work with an artist outdoors to design, plan, create, and sustain a garden on their campus. We are asking for our volunteers to make 2-3 kits if possible.

In each Teacher Green Kit, please provide the following:

• Bag to hold Green Kit

• 5-10 small grow seed pots with corresponding amount of potting soil

• Seeds: any combination of cilantro, basil, mint, parsley, or rosemary

• Instruction card

Bonus items:

• 25 garden color pages printed out, no crayons/markers (for each kit)

• One book per kit about gardening

• Watering can for outdoor garden

More detailed instructions and educational resources will be sent upon sign up.

Questions? Email us at houstonteam@generationserve.org

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