Snack Packs for LifeHouse Kids!


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This activity is for all ages!


This activity is virtual and requires you to provide your own supplies - large ziplock bags and suggested healthy and nutritious snack items to place in bags (see below)Families who sign up for this event will receive a separate email with detailed instructions. 

Support LifeHouse kids by making healthy and nutritious snack packs for its May event! The snack packs we make will be distributed to every child when they are greeted for the event. Snack bags allow LifeHouse's children to feel secure and better enjoy the event. LifeHouse provides housing, help and hope for women during their pregnancies and beyond.

Our volunteers will pick up snack pack items from the store and pack them in individually wrapped bags. You can decorate the bags with drawings or encouraging words to brighten the child’s day! We ask each volunteer to make between 3-5 snack packs! Here are suggested items for each snack pack:

1 100% juice Juice Box (example)

1 Go Go Squeeze Applesauce (example)

1 Z Protein Bar (no peanut butter/nut flavors please) (example)

1 String Cheese (example)

1 Fruit/Veggie Strip (example)

Please drop off the snack packs by Tuesday, May 4th to our Generation SERVE Bins.

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