Cards for Hospitalized Kids AT HOME


Family Volunteering

Start Date
End Date
1 hours
Zoom from Home!

Austin, TX
United States

Please mail your finished cards in one envelope directly to Cards for Hospitalized Kids at:

Cards for Hospitalized Kids
7290 W. Devon Ave.
Chicago, IL 60631

This activity is for all ages!


This activity is virtual and requires you to provide your own supplies - paper, markers, stickers, crayons, etc. Families who sign up for this event will receive a separate email with a zoom link to the online introduction and discussion with a Generation SERVE activity lead. 


Get crafty and make cheerful cards for children who are in the hospital. These cards will go to Cards for Hospitalized Kids. We will be using CFHK's card-making guidelines to make cards, and then you will send them directly to CFHK for distribution in hospitals. CFHK distributes cards to Children's Hospitals across the United States in all 50 states as well as Ronald McDonald Houses. 

We provide an Activity Lead for every activity. A $30 donation would help us cover the costs for this activity! You also can become a family sponsor to support us in providing fun volunteer opportunities for other families! Thank you for your support and generosity! We appreciate it!

REMINDER: Our program is designed to be a family experience. We still require an adult participant to attend the virtual gathering and to work alongside their child for all Family Volunteering projects.

Zoom from Home!