Make Food Survival Bags for Bay Area Turning Point (Virtual Activity)


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Houston, TX
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Drop off your boxes at our storage unit located at CubeSmart. Leave items at the front desk labelled for Generation SERVE. Please make sure they know the items are for Unit #1201. The front office is open M-F 9:30-6pm, Sat 8:30-5pm, and Sun 11-3pm.

Activity Description

Work with your family to assemble food survival bags for Bay Area Turning Point. Food survival bags are given to victims of abuse who have fled their abuser and are being housed in a hotel until space is available within an emergency shelter. Join a brief virtual meeting on Zoom to learn more about Bay Area Turning Point and how food survival bags help their clients. Note: You will not be on the Zoom meeting for the entire duration of the activity!

After the virtual meeting, your family will work together to make these food survival bags. When you are done assembling the bags, bring your donations to our storage unit by November 20, 2022. Generation SERVE will deliver completed bags to Bay Area Turning Point.

Drop-Off Address:  4211 Bellaire Blvd., Houston, TX 77025

Drop-Off Instructions:

Please drop off your bags at our storage unit located at CubeSmart. You can leave items at the front desk in bags labelled for Generation SERVE. Please make sure they are aware the items are for Unit #1201. The front office is open Monday-Friday from 9:30am-6pm, Saturdays from 8:30am-5pm, and Sundays from 11am-3pm.

Activity Requirements

  • This activity is great for all ages!
  • Our program is designed to be a family experience. We require an adult participant to attend the virtual gathering and to work alongside their child for all our Family Volunteering activities.

More about our Partner

Bay Area Turning Point is a non-profit community-based social service agency providing services to individuals impacted by family violence and sexual assault. Additionally, the agency operates prevention and awareness services designed to bring an end to sexual and domestic violence.

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We provide supplies and an Activity Lead for every activity. A $30 donation would help us cover the costs for this activity! You also can become a family sponsor to support us in providing fun volunteer opportunities for other families! Thank you for your support and generosity! We appreciate it!

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