Usher at a UT Football Game to Raise Funds for Generation SERVE (Ages 16 and Up)


Family Volunteering

Start Date
End Date
10 hours
DKR Texas Memorial Stadium

2139 San Jacinto Blvd
Austin, TX 78712
United States

Check in and check out is at Gate 25 (gate is on the NE corner of the stadium at 23rd and Robert Dedman). Look for the ESP sign upon entry. If lost, text 512-302-4377.

Do you love UT football 🏈 AND want to support Generation SERVE? We have a fun opportunity for adults and teens 16 and older to catch a game and help Generation SERVE in a huge way! Generation SERVE is volunteering to staff a few UT home games this season. If we have enough volunteers to help work a game, we get a monetary donation to our organization! With those funds, we can help more nonprofit partners and get many more families volunteering across Central Texas!!!

We will volunteer as ushers, helping fans find their seats. You will receive free parking and shuttle service to the stadium. Volunteers must be 16 and up. This is a unique opportunity in that adults can volunteer without their children. Teens 16 and up can volunteer with their parents or otherwise responsible adult (team coach, friend's parent, aunt/uncle)! As long as there is an adult per group of teens, teens can invite their friends to come, catch a game, and earn service hours!

Generation SERVE is ushering people to their seats, so we are stationed in the stadium. You will get to watch the game, but you cannot sit down during the entire time you're there. Ushering is a long commitment, requiring 8-10 hours or more of standing. Specific arrival and dismissal times will be shared once the vendor tells us. The posted times are an estimate based on the game time, 11am. There is no place or time in which you are allowed to sit. We have committed to being there the entire time. If our volunteers work the whole game AND check out with the vendor at the end, we receive a donation per volunteer. We do not receive any funds if volunteers do not show up or leave the game early. We will update the times when we know what the game time is.

If you are interested in being an usher, we ask that you read the vendor FAQs carefully to contact us with any questions.

The following are the vendor rules and expectations, as provided to us earlier in the season.

  • Volunteers/Staff will not have access to sit and watch the football game. Whether it's the end-of-shift or for a break.
  • Volunteers/Staff are not allowed to stand with other volunteers/workers in their area while on break inside the stadium to view the game.
  • Lunch will be provided at the beginning of the shift. (Our volunteers report the meal is very light.)
  • Strict Implementation of Uniforms:
    • Black pants, Black Shorts, or a Black Skirt. Jogging pants or sweatpants and different colors are prohibited. (They will give you a yellow staff shirt to change into. You will return it at the end.)
    • Please wear closed-toed shoes. Crocs, flip flops, house shoes, or the like are not allowed.
    • Hats will be provided. You are allowed to wear your own hat, given that it is plain black (no Stickers/Embroidery). If you have a UT Hat, that will be Perfect. (Please note that hats are 1st come, 1st serve)
  • Don't bring things that you don't need. The only allowed bag will be a small clear bag to store your personal stuff. This is because they don't have storage to keep your things. (Our volunteers report that it is best to wear pants with large pockets as the clear bags they provide you are tiny.)

Part of the commitment is to ensure that you check in and out with the vendor at Gate 25. Based on the previous games, the check-in and check-out process is time-consuming because hundreds of volunteers were arriving and departing at the same time. In addition, volunteers have reported waiting at the parking garage for a long time while the shuttle made multiple trips back and forth to the stadium. Your patience is going to be needed at these times! 

Note to parents: Earlier in the season, volunteers reported that football fans were rowdy at times, which led to minor arguments and other unruly behaviors. There is a security guard per section of the stadium, but know that your teen might encounter some passionate fans.

If you invite a friend, please make sure they register with Generation SERVE. If you are already registered and need to add an adult to your account, click here.

🏈 IMPORTANT: You must also fill out this form to participate. 🏈

Questions? Please email if you have any additional questions before signing up! We really appreciate your support and generous gift of time in supporting Generation SERVE in this unique fundraiser!

DKR Texas Memorial Stadium